Dragon, Garden Stake


Garden Stake Dragon. The perfect way to decorate a lawn or garden.

Made from 1.5mm steel plate.

Will rust naturally over time to produce an attractive finish, alternatively can be painted or lacquered.

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Dragons are legendary creatures in folklore and mythology among the overlapping cultures of Europe.

The Roman poet Virgil in his https://www.plasmastudio.co.uk/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=productoem Culex lines 163-201[4], describing a shepherd having a fight with a big constricting snake, calls it “serpens” and also “draco“, showing that in his time the two words were probably interchangeable.

In folktales, dragon’s blood often contains unique powers, keeping them alive for longer or giving them poisonous or acidic properties. The typical dragon in Christian culture protects a cavern or castle filled with gold and treasure. An evil dragon is often associated with a great hero who tries to slay it, and a good one is said to give support or wise advice.

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Dimensions 290 × 300 × 1.5 mm